Wednesday, June 28, 2017

5 Ways China Is Trying to Dominate India | China Uncensored


ISIS's Raqqa is completely encircled by Kurdish forces :-)


Report from inside Raqqa by Jenan Moussa (English subs) 22-06-2017

Jenan Mousa and her team take on the dangers of shelling and sniper fire by ISIS in Raqqa to make a report for Akhbar Ala'an.

Inside Islamic State 'capital' Raqqa - BBC News

The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse is the first British journalist to report from the Syrian city of Raqqa, the capital of so-called Islamic State's "caliphate".

CBS News goes inside Raqqa City, ISIS' shrinking capital

U.S.-backed fighters in Syria say they have captured a key neighborhood in ISIS' self-proclaimed capital, Raqqa. The advance comes after three days of intense fighting. The area under ISIS control in Syria is shrinking. Holly Williams and a CBS News crew were the first American network inside Raqqa City.

US report: China among 'worst human trafficking offenders'

US report: China among 'worst human trafficking offenders'

The US has listed China among the world's worst offenders in human trafficking and forced labour - a step that may aggravate its relationship with Beijing.

This comes as the Trump administration is seeking China’s help in pressuring North Korea to give up its nuclear programme.

Beijing says in response that it "resolutely opposes" the criticism that comes in the annual State Department report.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

EU slaps Google with record fine for breaching competition rules

The European Union has hit Google with a 2.7 billion dollar fine for breaching anti-trust laws.

A seven-year investigation by the European Commission found the tech giant unfairly promoted its Google Shopping price comparison service via its search engine, while demoting those of rivals.

A huge cyber attack that initially hit Ukraine has spread across the world, causing major disruption.

The hack was already the biggest in Ukraine's history but it has now affected other countries – including the UK, Spain and India – and may be functioning like the massive "Wannacry" attack that crippled the NHS, according to cyber security experts.

Steve Jobs Was an Arab American _By Shirin Sadeghi

 Steve Jobs (left) and Bill Gates (right)

SAN FRANCISCO -- Abdul Fattah Jandali, a young Syrian Muslim immigrant in Wisconsin, never met his son Steve Jobs. When a baby was born to the 23-year-old Jandali -- now known as John -- and his 23-year-old German-American girlfriend, Joanne Schieble, in 1955, there was no chance he'd be able to grow up with his biological parents.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

At 84, the World's Oldest Female Sharpshooter Doesn't Miss :-)

At age 65, Chandro Tomar, who lives in a small village in the Uttar Pradesh state of northern India, stumbled upon a shooting range and picked up a gun for the first time. When she aimed the gun at a target and pulled the trigger, she realized she was a natural. Just like that, Tomar became a sharpshooter. Now 84 years old, Tomar has won countless shooting competitions, but she's most proud of the impact she's had training other young women in her community.

Thành phố Fairfield - Úc Châu thông qua nghị quyết vinh danh Cờ Vàng :-)

Thành phố Fairfield là nơi có đông đảo người Việt tị nạn nhất tại Úc Châu đã được Hội Đồng Thành Phố thông qua nghị quyết công nhận lá Cờ Vàng Ba Sọc Đỏ là biểu tượng cho người Việt tị nạn Cộng Sản trong thành phố. Nhân dịp này, cộng đồng người Việt tại tiểu bang New South Wales đã tổ chức buổi lễ vinh danh cờ vàng tại công viên Cabravale vào ngày 18/6/2017

France24: Syria - On the battlefield against the Islamic state Group in Raqqa

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kurdish snipers in Raqqa :-)

Kỷ niệm ngày Quân Lực VNCH và khánh thành đài tưởng niệm Tháng Tư Đen

Trưa Chủ Nhật 18/6/2017, tại khu tượng đài chiến sĩ Việt - Mỹ miền Nam California đã diễn ra buổi lễ kỷ niệm Ngày Quân Lực VNCH 19/6 và đây cũng là buổi lễ khánh thành tượng đài đài tưởng niệm Quốc Hận 30/4. Trên đó có khắc tên những vị tưỡng, sĩ quan VNCH đã tuẫn tiết trong tháng 4/1975. Buổi lễ có sự tham dự của Thượng Nghị Sĩ Janet Nguyễn và bà đã trao nghị quyết lấy ngày 19/6 là ngày vinh danh Quân Lực VNCH của tiểu bang California.